Designed to Keep Your Emotions Alive, the RF22  will Awaken Your Desire

The RF22 is designed by The RAD Automotive ( and acclaimed automotive designer Samir Sadikhov. It is the goal of the designer to awaken and keep alive emotions. A vehicle is perceived with one's senses. The RF22  was designed with human and organic lines in mind. It was important not to follow short lived  design trends but rather to have a design philosophy  with lines that are unique and classic to endure time that are characterized both by technical and emotional intelligence. 

Bulleta RF22 Supecar

Bulleta RF22 Supecar


Unique Design Features

Bulleta Nose.jpg

- The nose fin of the RF22 acts as a fin providing downforce for the front of the car.

- The side vents of the RF22 are a unique V shaped inspired by the V shaped lines of radar evading  stealth fighter aircraft.


Bulleta Motors.jpg

- Shoulders are a feature of strength and stability.  The shoulders of the RF22 are broad,  muscular yet smooth.



photo-1 copy.jpg

- Great emphasis was placed on the shape of the headlights. The eyes are the view to the soul of the car and define it's human bond to it's owner. The shape of the lights exhibit  kindness,  yet share a universal human facial expression of a pleasant, happy  surprise.